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Sleep out

Eastertime is here, and the sun has so much warmth in it that it’s calling everyone out, like lizards from under our winter rocks. Delightfully both our first and reserve beach camping spot plans already had tents on them when we arrived on Saturday evening, so we ended up making a cliff-top hotel at dusk instead, leaving our likeminded neighbours to their solitude.

A swift wild holiday of fish’n’chips, starlight, musty grass and jubilant flowering gorse, and things that go swish and thump and flap and kraak in the night. Sadly (but simply) no donkeys this time, although there are plans for a pilgrimage afoot…

Here are some pictures – refresh the page to see different ones big, or click ’em to make them REALLY big.


  1. Some marvellous impressions indeed Hannah! The weather during the Easter weekend was pretty “summerish”, but the nights have been freezing indeed. We have been lucky enough to enjoy the luxury of a heated camping pod and still underestimated the night’s cold. Respect for facing the temperatures in the open!!

    • Btw, the tiled gallery… have you been using the Jetpack option or is it a different plugin?

      • Thank you Oliver! It did make me realise just how much warmth a tent holds onto, but also how nice it is to really sleep outside. On the hunt for a bivvy bag now!
        Yes – Jetpack option. Nice, isn’t it? I’m such an amateur, but enjoying playing WordPress!

        • Hehe, it’s all about exploring I guess. No matter if WordPress or the captivating countryside… :)
          A bivvy bag sounds intriguing Hannah! Always thought about one as well, but usually opted for a wee tent in the end. I hope you find a decent one and I look forward to your next sleep out post (with new equipment)! :)
          Best wishes, Oliver

          • Absolutely! Exploring and learning.
            I really don’t need a bivvy bag, I’ve got a tent and a tarp and a sleepingbag. But there is something about sitting at a desk all day that makes a person start inventing ‘needs’…!

          • “But there is something about sitting at a desk all day that makes a person start inventing ‘needs’…!”
            This just made my day Hannah! Once again some remarkable skills to hit the nail on the head along with a crystal clear view and a a lovely dash of humour… :)
            Seriously “inventing needs” is a gem of a phrase!

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