After the walk

Galloping spring

I took the freshly washed head collars back to the field on Tuesday morning, giving myself a little time to negotiate them onto the donkeys before the vet arrived to give them their flu and tetanus jabs. Flo is always pretty good, but Chico usually gives me a token runaround first, waiting until I get in position before swinging lazily away from me, just to remind me who’s boss. But on Tuesday there was none of it – he let me put it straight on, and I have no doubt it was because he knew that head collars mean going for a walk.

Then they both looked at me expectantly when nothing happened. I felt bad. An injection instead of a walk – it’s a bit of a mean trick.

This is the expectant look. See what I mean?

This is the expectant look. See what I mean? I don’t usually have any idea what Chico’s thinking, but on Tuesday it seemed pretty clear…

So I did the only thing I could – called mum with an SOS. Don’t disappoint the donkeys! This is the friendliest they’ve been for ages! She arrived 15 minutes later, just as the vet left (stoic donkeys totally unfazed by the injections, of course), bearing treats: “Fennel for Florence and chicory for Chico!” She is a frustrated grandmother-in-waiting, for sure.

So, we went for a very short walk, and the donkeys – usually just interested in strolling and munching and eyeballing the sheep – put the spring in spring. Here they are in an indulgently long video of donkeys running around. That’s all it is. But I like it.

Galloping donkey nutcases

Galloping donkey nutcases

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  1. I just adore watching this. Your donkeys just look so happy showing off for you and narrowly missing you. Lovely.

  2. Natasha de Chroustchoff says:

    Such joie de vivre! Love them!

  3. Nancy in Savannah says:

    I loved the video! The music was perfect, and the donks really look like Spring has sprung! Great job!

  4. So fun to see fat little Flo kick her heels up 6 inches off the ground. That looks like a lovely place for them to live and it’s so nice to see them healthy and happy.

  5. hahahha…. that was great…. they very nearly did get too close the one time…… what fun they were having!

  6. Love it when my donkeys do this, too!

  7. glad to see them so happy-they look well considering the horrid wet weather we have had.

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