What about money?

Contrary to expectation, I don’t have much. I’ve saved up a little bit, but it’s rapidly disappearing on vetting bills, the donkey himself, the pack saddle and other kit, an electric fence, public liability insurance, carrots, etc etc

I don’t have sponsorship or funding, a book advance or a trust fund. My chap, Rhys, has sublet our narrowboat for the summer, so that will cover its own mooring costs. Some kind outdoor brands have sent me some of the items that I need, which is very much appreciated*.

I think it’s important to mention this fact, in a page all of its own, because this is supposed to be a humble, simple walk that anyone could do. If it wasn’t for the damn donkey’s unusual set of requirements and self-education, I could leave tomorrow and walk the coastal path. I could mothball work on a Friday, spend Saturday assembling maps and camping kit, and leave on Monday morning, and so could many people who think they never could find the time/money.

A woman who walked 1400km through the Netherlands and France with a donkey got in touch and said she was on a budget of 40€ a week. It’s going to take a discipline of frugality that I’ve lost since my student days, but being thrifty, like asking for help, will be part of the spiritual journey, I think.

It’s going to be life changing, and although I’m bound to get to the bottom of the barrel, worry the credit ratings people, and take a while to get back to solvency, it’s still going to be cheaper than an MA…

* Thank you to Colemans for the visitors’ tent, Victorinox for a penknife, Sea to Summit for a map case, Lifeventure for a head torch, Bridgedale for three pairs of socks, R for a compass, Polartec for a warm jumper, and Nikwax for rewaterproofer.