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Welsh legends in under a minute

This is the Year of Legends, as decided by the tourist board, Visit Wales. Since last summer I’ve been organising a series of theatrical events for the Dyfi Biosphere – the remarkable but little-recognised local UNESCO-designated area.

To promote the events and the Dyfi Biosphere itself, Rhys and I (and his production company Fforest Films) pitched to make a series of very short films of legends. The idea we had was to combat the slow, earnest, weirdy-woo way that stories are often told, and catapult them into the breakneck world of social media. I wrote the scripts, and it was great fun paring down the stories to the absolute bare bones, while still leaving in enough poetry to make them emotive and worth watching.

I reckon we succeeded. We’ve got a lot of enthusiastic responses, and will likely make more in the future. See what you reckon. There are Welsh and english versions of each one – try the Welsh version even if you don’t speak Welsh; there are subtitles and the language adds some atmosphere, I think.

No donkeys, I’m afraid, but one pig…

PS Technical note: These went out on Facebook where they got thousands of views but are rather low resolution. On Youtube they’re 4K, should your internet cope with all those bytes!


  1. These are wonderful! Love hearing spoken Welsh. Great way to engage people who have 10 second attention spans.

  2. Wonderful. Gwych, da iawn chi.

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