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Triple-bill speaking tour next weekend! Plus, Hay Festival. Eep!

I have talking dates coming up! I’m beside myself with excitement at having been invited to Hay Festival, which is at the end of May, and I am going to escape the monkey on my back (see the pretty monkey below!) and walk across Wales to Hay with my co-speakee, Ursula Martin, who has just released her brilliant book. Weedy legs willing.


HAY FESTIVAL: Thursday, 31st of May, 10am
Tickets here

But first we have a tour of warm-up dates next weekend – a triple bill of adventuring women!

MACHYNLLETH: Friday, 6th of April, 7pm, £10/8
Tickets here

ABERYSTWYTH: Saturday, 7th of April, 7pm, £10/8
Tickets here

CARDIGAN: Sunday, 8th of April, 7pm, £10/8
Tickets here


The tickets are actually cheaper on the door, so just turn up. Please do come – we three women are putting these events on ourselves, so we have all the risk and will really extra-specially appreciate you being there! At the Aber event there will also be cawl and cake, homemade by Ursula herself.

Incidentally, see more about these amazing women, Ursula Martin (3700 miles around Wales!) and Emily Chappell (winner of the Transcontinental cycle race!). They are both super tough and an honour to be appearing with.



If you’ve made it this far, I can whisper to you that there is a donkey adventure in the offing, starting quite soon. It’s going to begin with a Welsh walk, followed by some training, and it’s going to include mules. Mules! All very exciting. Rhys (below right) is going to be the mule rider, and he doesn’t read newsletters, so hopefully I won’t get busted for leaking secrets…


Kickstarter people, there are still a handful of you who haven’t claimed your goodies. Please reply to this email if you are one of them – there is no expiration date! I am still super grateful to you, and want you to get your reward.

PPS The book and film are selling well, so if you’ve not yet got your own, this is where you can find them. Or get them signed at the events above! We’ll be doing a three-book-deal between the three of us too.

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