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Two weeks left of the monster Kickstarter project, and we had a great boost yesterday when Kickstarter themselves chose Seaside Donkey as their project of the day. Such waves of kindness, support and enthusiasm about the book and film are coming in from all over the globe – this is truly scary, but very wonderful and exciting at the same time. So, in celebration, here’s a bit more about the £100 reward option (the book, DVD and limited edition print), PLUS there’s a whole new reward option… read on!

Limited edition print

This is an A2 giclee* art print of three images from the walk, CHOSEN BY YOU! Each combination will be limited to a run of 150, so you’ll have a limited edition print, and depending on the popularity of your particular selection, you migt have the only one in the world. It’ll be signed by me, with a golden hoofprint stamp on the back, and will come in a cardboard tube for you to frame or mount as you wish.

Here’s one I made of three of my favourite photos:


Once the Kickstarter finishes on the 29th of January (and if successful), I’ll send out a picture menu to all the backers who chose this reward option, and you can email me back with your selection. In the meantime though, to whet your whistle, the options are:

WEB12-best-landscapes6 WEB12-best-landscapes7

And there will be more pictures! If you choose the £100 reward I’ll be in touch with further instructions in early February if when the Kickstarter is successful.


New reward: me, speaking to you!

Very excitingly I have been booked to be a speaker at the Adventure Travel Film Festival, and the adventurer’s community Explorers Connect. I’ll let you know the dates for each when they’re confirmed (do sign up to my newsletter to be sure), but if you’d like to join the trend and book me for your own group, society, club, library etc etc, please do! It’ll be £300, plus travel expenses (which I’m pretty good at keeping low. I might even walk to you!). Unless you are keen to have the talk earlier, I’m intending to do them from winter 2014, so that I can show the film as part of the event. There will be a Q&A too, and your members or audience will know that the talk, by contributing to the Kickstarter, helped make the book and film possible!

Head to the Kickstarter to for these rewards, and tell your friends, clubs and societies! TWO WEEKS TO GO!



* Giclee prints are high quality art prints, printed with archive quality pigmented inks so they don’t fade – at least not in your lifetime. They are printed on high quality inkjet printers, which explains why ‘giclee’ comes from the French for ‘squirt’! Giclee prints are what the professionals produce, and therefore so am I!

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