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Seaside Donkey – film download



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Full-length feature donkumentary by filmmaker Rhys Thwaites-Jones, with beautiful Welsh score, and occasional, mild, but totally justified swearing.


1hr 17 minutes


Donkeys are not waterproof and they can’t climb over stiles, which makes them a pretty bad choice of rambling partner for a 1000-mile circumnavigation of Wales. Novice donkey-owner Hannah Engelkamp remains optimistic, but this is largely because she’s never had a pet before and expects the whole endeavour to be romantic and meditative. Young, untrained, headstrong Chico has other ideas.


Follow their journey in this fast-paced, refreshingly unsentimental and laugh-out-loud film by filmmaker Rhys Thwaites-Jones, and discover that being tethered to a donkey can yield a surprising wealth of unsolicited wisdom, along with all the bruised toes.


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“It’s a beautiful, moving, and incredibly well made film and has surpassed all our expectations. Hannah is incredibly witty, but also not afraid to show her emotions. To say this was filmed on the hoof as such, the quality of the footage is astounding. Everything (the editing, Hannah’s voice-over, the music) about this film is just so well done and come together perfectly.” LB Roberts


“Don’t think it’s all violins and roses. It’s not. It’s endurance, and strength, and love of the animal and getting to know each other, finding out what makes the other tick. This film is not to be missed by everyone who loves the great outdoors, hiking, and animals. Do yourself a favour. Buy this film and watch it. You won’t regret it. Man, I loved it.” Sophie Smeenk


“Donkeys don’t like water and don’t care to climb hills. And there would be plenty of that on their jaunt around Wales which had me laughing, but also feeling very much the frustration Hannah was experiencing. But also intriguing as it was a reminder that we are not in control. A reminder to live in the present moment and take it as it is. Donkey wisdom, don’t you know, is so wise!” Barbara Teichel




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