Happy Christmas from Chico, Flo and me

Dearest pre-Christmas pledgees,

Thank you so much for your support – it has been quite overwhelming. We’re a long way from the target, and so the whole thing might not work (if we don’t make the target we don’t get any of it, and your credit cards aren’t charged), but even if that’s the case, I am totally blown away by you all, and your kindness and giant show of faith in this travelling donkey circus!

So, without further ado, as a big THANK YOU from me and the longears, here’s our Christmas card to you. Please note that Rhys, the professional filmmaking part of this outfit, is in Australia visiting his sister for Christmas, and so I made this film on my own – it is no indication of the quality of the Seaside Donkey film to come!



Thank you to the family players: Uncle Ross on guitar, Mum on donkey hooves, Mum, Ross, Auntie Bridie and croaky me on vocals, and sister Naomi on harmonies, and all before breakfast.

If you want to download the card and put it on your virtual mantlepiece, click this link: Christmas video card
It’ll download as a zipped folder, so just save it, double click it, and play the mp4 file until you never want to hear ‘Little donkey’ again…

And here are the lyrics:

Singalong lyrics

Little donkeys, little donkeys
Shelter from the gales
Have a roll now in your paddock
‘Cause you walked ‘round Wales

Ring out the bells tonight,
Ceredigion, Haverfordwest
Follow that star round Wales
Montgomery, Aberystwyth

Little donkeys, little donkeys
Who needs gates or stiles?
You deserve a Christmas rest, you,
Walked a thousand miles