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Spreading the donkey karma

Several people have asked me for a voucher they can give their dear donkey/adventure/Wales-loving kith and kin, so I’ve fashioned one out of the notebook doodles of five weeks of running the Kickstarter! You can download it here:

Download the donkey voucher here

print it out and fill it in.


What gifts are there?

There are two gift packages on the Kickstarter now – you can buy the

  • DOUBLE ANALOGUE PACKAGE: two copies of the book and DVD for £54, or the
  • ANALOGUE/DIGITAL PACKAGE: a paper book and a DVD, plus a film download and an ebook
    (both purchasable here…)

This way you can keep one set and give the other set away for someone’s birthday, or as a retirement challenge, or as a donkey-substitute, or as a promise of a big adventure, or for no event at all but just because you are lovely.

And you know you’ll be giving the gift twice? You see, first off your pledge is a hugely appreciated gift to me and this fledgling seaside donkey creative empire. And then it’s a gift for your friend. And if you think of your copy as a little treat for your future self, well – it’s a three-in-one present. That’s an awful lot of good karma for your money!

Donkey gift voucher


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