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The journey around Wales with a donkey is going to begin in May. Until then I will be getting ready – trying to win the donkey’s heart, buying her panniers, planning the route, being alternately worried and excited. If you want me to let you know when the big milestones happen, subscribe to my newsletter on the homepage or here:

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  1. Uncle Pete says:

    Hannah! Love it, love it all. Isn’t Chico named after one of the Marx brothers? The silent one who played the piano (might have got that wrong). Anyway, you are an inspiration. Go well, and may the sun be always on your back. Love, Pete x

    • Thanks Uncle Pete! I hope you are going to join us for a stroll? Chico means little boy in Spanish, and is apparently to donkeys what Rover is to dogs, or Tiddles to cats… I don’t know about Mr Marx, but Chico is certainly silent so far. The month’s forecast suggest that the sun will be at my back, but with a heavy raincloud positioned between it and me… Shall be experimenting with tarps before departure! Hx

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