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Eddie Izzard et al teach donkeys to play lacrosse

I had the rather good fortune of being at the Altitude Comedy Festival in the Alps last week. The first event was an improv show with special guests Eddie Izzard and Marcus Brigstocke, and improv stalwarts Andy Smart and Steve Frost. It may be proof that I’ve been going on a bit about donkeys, but when they asked the crowd for an animal suggestion, my friend Liz yelled, “Donkey!” Then they asked for a sport and someone else shouted, “Lacrosse!” and a game of the classic ‘three-headed expert’ began. Warning: there’s a little bit of swearing, and some singing, but I pretty much take it as being proof that walking around Wales with an as yet unidentified donkey is no big deal. Most issues can be surmounted by sellotape, and the rest by holograms. Phew, that’s alright then.

You can tell exactly which bits I find most amusing by how much the camera shakes!



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