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Christmas vouchers

Christmas is coming, and what better gift could you give or request than a promissory note for a book and film so fresh that they haven’t even been made yet?! How often do you get the chance not just to buy something, but to bring it into existence? Sounds pretty exciting to me! Here’s how you go about it:

First buy your gift…

If you want to get one of the goodies and download a voucher, first of all you need to ‘buy’ it right here on the Kickstarter website…

At this stage you just ‘pledge’ the money and give your bank details and, if the overall target is met by the 29th of January, your card will then be charged. If we don’t meet the target your card isn’t charged, we don’t get any cash, and the voucher is sadly no longer valid. However, if this happens I will still somehow make the book and film, so I’ll be in touch!


Download your voucher…

… then print it out, cut it into a neat little square, and give it to your kith and kin! When

Download the Christmas voucher for the book

Download the Christmas voucher for the book & DVD

Download the Christmas voucher for the book & DVD & print

Download the Christmas voucher for a one-day-walk


This is what it looks like:


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